Teen Time ! - Marathon de la webradio with Arthur, Louis, Chloé, Victoria, Pablo, Violetta and Isabelle
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Présentateur : Arthur 

Well this is teens time the program made by teens for teens, I am Arthur your host and today, Louis, Chloé, Victoria, Pablo, Violetta and Isabelle are going to present a series of topics.  Today we will be approaching subjects like sports, psychology, music, series... And well the first topic is rugby presented by Louis.


Chronique 1 : Rugby (Louis) 

Louis :  Hello everyone ! Today I'm going to talk about rugby. Did you know that rugby is the ninth most popular sport in the world and the third in France behind football and tennis?  


Question Arthur :  What are the main rules? 

Louis : First you must know the ball is the offside line, it means you must be behind the ball, you can’t pass forward, actually you can but only by kicking it. Rugby has two main forms: the rugby with 15 players in each team and Rugby with 7 players in each team. It is often viewed like a violent sport but actually it isn’t, you can’t tackle your opponent if he doesn’t have the ball, and if he has the ball you must tackle below the shoulders. If not, you get a yellow card and 10 minutes off the pitch. Rugby has a very important value which is respect: you can’t trash talk like in football and the only person who can talk to the referee is the captain.  


Question Arthur : Where can you play rugby in São Paulo?  

Louis : The school actually has a rugby club called Pasteur Athletic Club. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday at night for Under 18 years old, and on Saturday at midday for Under 15-year-old players. Girls are also welcome if you are a girl, you can play Saturday at midday for Under 15-year-old girls and Monday and Wednesday at night for Under 18-year-old girls. 


Question Arthur : What is the next major international competition? 

Louis : The next major international competition is the rugby world cup in France, in which France is likely to win because it's in their country and they have the best team with the best players, like Antoine Dupont who won the 2021 prize of the best player of the world.  France also won the 2022 Six Nations Championships without losing a single game. They are in a streak of 13 wins and they hope to crown it with the world cup victory. So “Allez les Bleus” ! 

Arthur: Speaking of world cup Pablo is going to talk about the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 


Chronique 2 : Football (Pablo) 


Pablo: Hi everyone, today I will talk about the 2022 football World Cup that takes place in Qatar in the city of Doha. The World Cup is the biggest sport competition in the world, it was invented in 1930 the first winner was Uruguay. Since then, we had many iconic moments in the world cup like Maradona’s Hand of God where he secretly used his hand to score a goal. We had Zidane’s headbutt in 2006, in the world cup final he headbutted Materazzi an Italy player after he insulted his sister. We also had the iconic Jabulani, a ball that had too much air resistance and moved weirdly in the air, it was a nightmare for goal keepers. We have many others but let’s talk a little bit about the current world cup that is hosted in Qatar. The city of Doha has 8 stadiums for the world cup here are some iconic ones: the Al Bayt, which hosted the opening match and has a capacity of 60,000 people, the Lusail Stadium, is a golden stadium which is the biggest stadium in Doha, it will host the final match with a capacity of 80,000 people! And my personal favorite is the Stadium 974, it is a stadium made of 974 shipping containers and it can be dismounted and built again in another country! It has a capacity of 40,000 people! 


Arthur: Is it true that people died building those stadiums? We’ve heard many bad things about this world cup, what can you say about them? 

Pablo: We had many questions about the world cup and some people think this world cup is different, many workers died building the stadiums, people can’t have alcoholic drinks during the games, and LGBT people are discriminated in Qatar, which led to many discussions! 

The world cup started two weeks ago, and we had many great moments! 

First of all, in the opening match, Ecuador beat Qatar 2-0 which is a surprising scoreboard since the world cup hosting country rarely loses its first match! 

England faced Iran in the group stages and won 6-2, not really surprising since England have a pretty good team and went to the Euro’s Final last year, the question is : Is it finally coming home? 

Spain beat Costa Rica 7-0, what an amazing start for the national team 

France dominated the Aussies after a 4-1 Win! Is it the second world cup trophy for the star boy Kylian Mbappé? Brazil, the national team with the most trophies, beat Serbia 2-0 with an amazing overhead kick from Richarlison! 

Arthur: And who do you think is going to win it? 

Pablo: I’m pretty confident about France or Brazil! They have been great so far and both teams have great players, but you never know what magic the world cup can bring to us! 

Arthur: Thank you very much for all this information! See you soon. 

Pablo: Thank you! Bye Bye! 


Chronique 3 : Chloé (psychologie) 

Chloé: Good afternoon, everyone! Today I will talk about how we can, with psychological techniques, influence others every day, in their decisions, feelings and even make them more susceptible to suggestions or escape an awkward situation, without being rude or inconvenient. For example: 

 -When playing any sport someone is doing really well, just ask them about their technique. This takes the physical focus off that person and makes them think and evaluate. What can it do? Well, it will make them think about what they’re doing... And it might ruin everything. 

So, Isabelle, have you ever seen a mirror in a store? 

Isabelle: Yes! Many actually 

Chloé : Have you ever wondered why’s that? 

Isabelle: I’ve never thought about it, why? 

Chloé : It’s actually because if customers can see themselves, they are much less likely to be irrationally angry. 

Isabelle: Wow! I didn’t know it! 

Chloé : Cool right, and there’s more, Arthur did it ever happen to you to be talking to someone or to a group of people where they are not paying attention to you? 

Arthur: Yes it did. 

Chloé : here’s what you can do, stop and ask their permission to continue talking, that way you will have their full attention, because now listening to you is a choice, not an obligation. 

Arthur: (answer)  

Chloé : yeah thanks! if you want to make someone uncomfortable, stare at their shoes, it will make them feel under a lot of pressure, and exposed 

  •  if before saying something you think of “should I say that?” do not say it. when we question ourselves about what we are going to talk about and we still say it, we will probably regret it later 
  • if you ask a question and someone's first response is "What?" give them a few seconds before repeating the question - many times they heard you they just need a moment to process what you just said 
  • ask a question above expectation knowing your request will be rejected, and then ask for what you really want - this will make the actual request seem more reasonable. 
  • Thank someone for a trait you want them to exhibit, for example instead of saying "sorry for keeping you waiting" say "thanks for being patient" this will get them to act on your words 


Chloé : Victoria, did it ever happen to you be talking with someone and you don’t really know them, so you start asking questions to know them better, but the person is answering your questions superficially? 

Victoria: Yes! It actually did 

Chloé: so if this ever happens again, ask them what job they’d choose if money wasn’t an issue, like this the person will instantly start talking about their passions, and so you get to know them better 

Victoria: How clever! I never thought of doing that before! 

Chloé: nice right, it’s a really good technique to use in a first date! 

  • if someone asks a difficult question say "what a good question!" this will make the person feel so pleased with themselves that they will be less critical of the answer. 
  • if someone is talking nonstop, when you too would like to say something, drop an object on the floor and pick it up, without saying anything you have already interrupted them, and you will finally be able to speak 

Chloé: Louis did it ever happen to you when you're going somewhere, and you start asking yourself did I close the door? Did I lock my car? And you just can’t remember and that thought starts bothering you? 

Louis: yeah, this always happens to me! It’s so annoying  

Chloé: it is annoying indeed, so to avoid this kind of situations, remember while closing the door or locking your car, to think about a weird sentence, for example: green sponge bob, like this when you ask yourself if you did those actions, you will instantly remember those sentences then you will be sure you didn’t forget to do anything.  

Louis: Really like this technique, it will be super helpful! 

Chloé : So these were some psychological techniques for you to use in everyday situations that we don't always know what to do, I hope I helped you in some way! 

Arthur: transition helpful tricks, techniques, day-to-day situations       

Carrying on psychology, let’s listen to Isabelle. 


Chronique 4 : Isabelle (série The mind explained) 

Isabelle :  I’m going to be talking about dreams. What they are, what they mean and the most famous question: why do we dream? I´ve watched a very interesting series called “The Mind, Explained” which develops these mind mysteries we tend to think have no answer. Well, they do. And to be honest, they´re not complicated. And that´s why they caught my attention. Dreams are exactly what we think they are. Metaphorically saying: It´s garbage, in the back of our brains. In a more complex explanation: dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntarily and unconsciously while we sleep. We tend to think they are long lasting, but these actually take from 5 to 20 minutes each. We usually dream 4 or 5 times per night.  

There are many theories explaining what dreams are for. Some say they represent desires and wishes, others say they process random information gathered during the day, or even that they predict future episodes of our lives. Science hasn't been able to fully explain the purpose of dreaming.  

Dreams also tend to theoretically have many meanings. For example, dreaming of your teeth falling out can reflect on anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you; or dreaming of being chased suggests that you are running away from something that is causing you fear or anxiety, and the action of running represents the way you would respond to pressure in waking life. Many other common dreams have their respective meanings. 

Louis : And why do we keep forgetting our dreams?  

Isabelle: When dreaming, our brain sorts information into short and long-term memory. We tend to forget the events of our dreams because we cannot access that information once we're awake. It is proved that we forget 50% of our dreams after 5 minutes of waking up. Some tips to remember our dreams are to write down what we recall, waking up naturally with no alarm and sleeping well. Although we’ve already discovered all of this interesting information, dreams are still a mystery to science... No one actually knows why we dream. I guess we´ll never know. 

Chloe, I have a question for you. Have you ever had the weird sensation that you were falling or slipping as you were about to sleep, and suddenly woke up?  

Chloe: Yes, I have. 

Isabelle: It is indeed a very common sensation; it occurs in about 70% of people.  You are not alone. Do you know why it happens, though? 

Chloe: I have no idea. 

Isabelle: Well, the sudden feeling of falling, slipping or floating is called sleep myoclonus or a hypnic jerk. Those are involuntary sudden muscle contractions. You may experience a single jerk, or multiple in succession. It's also common to experience mental imagery such as hallucination. The main causes of the hypnic jerk are caffeine consumption, anxiety, stress or vigorous exercises at night, close to bedtime.  

Arthur: transition  Thanks Isabelle We’re going to talk about something more casual with Victoria 


Chronique 5  : Victoria 

Victoria: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, I am going to be introducing to you some interesting cooking shows present on Netflix. There are numerous types of cooking shows: for example,  

some of them are about cakes, like “is it cake” with Mickey as host. This cooking show is a competition between selected contestants that must present a realistic cake where the goal is to make it as real as possible. Other series that talk about desserts or cakes are: “Zumbo’s just dessert” with chef Zumbo as a member of the jury or even “The school of chocolate” with the French chef Amaury Guichon, where, in every episode, the contestants must face a new theme to work with. The participants also usually have a limited time to make their creations.  

Another type of cooking show is the famous “Master Chef” contest, to test high culinary skills with the famous Gordon Ramsy as a member of the jury. The winner of the contest goes home with 250 000$, there is also a junior version of this show. Another one of Gordon Ramsay’s shows is “Hell’s kitchen”. Gordon Ramsay is a well-known chef in the UK, he has won 17 Michelin stars during his career and owns 58 restaurants located in the UK and the US. 

Pablo : I find all these food shows very interesting but is there any about drinks? 

Some shows can also be about beverages like the show “Drink masters” which have the same concept as the other shows but with drinks; alcoholic or not. Most of the time it is with cocktails, the contestants' experiments on different types of infusions for their drinks, the one with the best mix of flavors wins. Another show that talks about beverages is “Drink up” where the host Darryl Robinson talks about cocktails and the composition of the drink and the components that make them. 

Chloe : Is there a show in which I could participate even though I’m not a professional. 

Yes, Some shows invite nonprofessional contestants in the domain to compete for first place. There is for example “Nailed it”, a show that has for goal to invite people that are bad in the kitchen and must try to recreate as close as possible the dessert piece that has been made by an award-winning chef. Of course, as the title says it, the contestants fail miserably to recreate the dessert and turn it into a monstrosity. 

Street food is also a subject that is mentioned in some series on Netflix, there is “Street food Asia and street food USA” that talks about this subject. This time these series are not contests but documentaries on street food. For example, for street food Asia, the documenters walk around the streets of Bangkok in search of some street food to taste and discover the mystery behind these delicious and cheap foods. 

To go over everything there are different types of cooking series on Netflix, there are some for every type of cooking lovers: pastries, desserts, fancy culinary dishes, beverages, and even street foods. 

In these series, we can see the presence of some important chefs that are here to judge and comment or give you advice on your creations.  

I have watched some of those series myself, and for those cooking lovers out there, I really recommend some of them. And maybe one day we might even see you on one of those shows.  

Arthur: transition 


Chronique 6  : Violetta 

Violetta: musique /  

Song ex:  

0:13-0:42 Old yellow bricks (Arctic Monkeys) one of arctic monkeys´ biggest hit, ``old yellow bricks´´ is all about escaping a reality we are all a part of. Indeed, the song songwriter, Alex turner wisely uses the vocabulary of escape with words such as escapologist and fugitive but also give the imageries of imagination and magic with Houdini representing both; recalling the wizard of oz which the title is inspired from. It simply tells the natural instinct of humans that is to want to learn more and search for more, always trying to escape because for some stagnation feels like laziness and discomfort. The author talks about this girl who´s confused and criticizes her by pointing out that`` she loves the risk´´ she a fugitive but she doesn´t know what she´s running from´´ and she is only blinded by nostalgia so he is asking really the reason she´s running away. Is it because of a concrete reason or does she just like feeling nostalgic so if she would start thinking rationally, she would realize she doesn´t need to leave. Nonetheless she tries to find every reason to quote on quote escape from her home because she feels trapped, leading to dullness. In the end she does leave but soon realizes she regrets her decision and it wasn´t what she thought it was. The song ends with the line `` Dorothy was right though, referring to the wizard of oz where the main character Dorothy says ``there is no place like home´´ because the girl admits her mistake. 

0:19-0:50 Liquid Smooth (Mitski): How society forces vanity into the mind of women and they are expected to only feel valuable while they are still young and beautiful. Using metaphors, in a particular way, of nature like fauna and Flora, Mitski depicts the role of the woman in her youth thus in her best years that has been convicted that her worth is only based on looks. The first line of the song is I'm beautiful I know Cuz it the season and follows saying she is an organism. The voice of the woman in despair and fear, cries out that she's in her prime and liquid smooth like water and craves male attention and validation while sexualizing herself because of the feeling that time is running out and soon no one would care for her. I chose this song because I find it brilliant not only because it denounces societal ways of thinking but also because it rings back to concepts that have been existing since the beginning of time but now have evolved but haven´t disappeared.   

Brand new city (Mitski) following between those lines, Mitski wrote brand new city. detailing the overarching feeling of being “in your prime” but only dreading the fall yet to come, she expresses her emotion of being the sexual desire of men in a patriarchal society and has come to believe those beauty standards to be the norm and falls into the archetypal girl self-obsessed with herself to the point she wouldn´t know how to be alive if she wasn´t pretty.  

1:10-1:43 But if we continue the interpretation, from the title of the song we can understand that the narrator is trying to kill her old self and move or move on in this brand-new city because no one knows you, you don't have anything attached to your name and in the city/ life she is in she feels as if she were failing and falling into the system that exists which this idea of youthful beauty is a part of. 

Boys don´t cry (The Cure) the second single of the Cure. The typical love song of the teenage boy who puts on a stoic façade and disregards others feelings because of what and how men are supposed to. There is a real contrast between the upbeat song and the lyrics mocking emotions of men and boys in a jokingly way which causes them to forge this character they are taught to have to be able to assert their masculinity 0:35-0:58 


Arthur: conclusion